Military stabilized camera platform

For many years, our staff participates on the project of airborne inertially stabilized camera base.

This originally academic project went through the hands of several teams and in recent years it became a military order. Throughout the years, there were several versions designed. The last one is called S320, and is intended for a Russian helicopter Mi-17. The platform carries a thermal imager, RGB camera, a laser pointer, a rangefinder, and other precision optical instruments. The task for Jaromir Dvorak was to design electronics for motor control and inertial stabilization. The head is able to read a license plate from a helicopter of a car over a distance of several kilometers.

As a continuation of this project, our company has established contact with the Czech military research institute - VTÚVM Slavičín, where negotiations are underway to launch a new, larger-scale military project. The details of this collaboration are classified.