Industrial automation

In the course of its own development, PearControl company participated in a number of one-time contracts relating to the automation industry. In the following text we prepared a presentation of some of them.

Control of grain silo for ZDV Štichovice

We have realized this one-time project of industrial automation in 2013. The control system takes care of the transfer of material inside high-order grain silo storage with a total capacity of 10x 1000 ton in Štichovice near Pilsen, Czech Republic.

High-energy and switchboard part was realized by our partner, KESAT Inc. Our control system is responsible for hundreds of I / Os, equipped with SCADA / HMI web interface, route planner, diagnostics, state logging etc.

The system is in daily operation and its priority is to avoid mixing materials in the silos due to the human factor.


Control of cutting machines for film unwinding in the industry of insulation manufacture

We realized this one-off custom of industrial automation in 2012. This is a control of cutting machine for unwinding film for the production of plug-in insulation made of basalt wool. The machines are currently under heavy loading and our customer is considering ordering more pieces.



Control of chuck tightening for labeling machines

It is the oldest of our automation contract, which we realized in cooperation with UniCode Ltd. in 2005. It is the automation of the chuck that clamps workpieces made from brass and other materials in a labeling machine. This supplement significantly reduces the time required to clamp the workpiece and increases productivity dramatically. There were 4 pieces delivered of this supplement and they are all now in daily operation and under heavy load. This was the first industrial deployment of our board with vector drive for stepper motor in torque control mode. This board is still supplied as a part of UniCode label rewinders with a direct-drive motor today.