Design of model platform of unmanned cars

This academic and later industrial project aimed to create a demonstration platform for the study of autonomous driving algorithms.

Our staff in collaboration with the Czech Technical University realized a research and design of various hardware platforms for academic usage. In this case, it was a modification of Carrera GT slot-cars. Each modified car is equipped with a powerful DSP processor, a micro-SD card for data logging, a camera and other large number of sensors and several communication modules. The platform allows the development of control algorithms directly in high-level languages such as MATLAB and enables experimenting in the field of distributed mutual cooperation.

Following this, we have realized a similar project for LMS Siemens. We have designed a complete replacement electronics for modification of miniature car models KYOSHO dNano. These models are also equipped with lateral control (steering, on the contrary to slotcars) and the LMS company uses them for demonstration and testing of their autonomous control algorithms.