p005 controller family

p005 controllers finds their use mainly in industrial applications. However, we have deployed these in an academical field aswell to control inductive loads of various experiments. At CTU FEE, they use them in experiments for studying vibration compensation methods and at the Dutch univrersity in Delft it controls the distributed magnetic manipulator MAGMAN. Thanks to precise current control in cycle-by-cycle manner, it allows a very fast and accurate flux control without the need for controller tuning in a closed loop. We use this unit as a baase of our Harmonic Stepper controllers.

The following video shows a very special stepper motor control torque control. The unit allows the use of standard, inexpensive step motor for precise torque control and without any additional sensors. This leads to significant savings, since only comparable alternative is more expensive actuator. Our customer for this application are Czech companies engaged in the production of automation equipment.





More about the controller in the video: industrial controller Harmonic Stepper


Summary of marginal parameters of the p005 controller series

Motor types

1x  step motor (two-phase, three-phase, linear/rotary)

1x  BLDC, BLAC (PMSM) motor (sensorless/sensored, linear/rotary)

2x  voice coil motor (linear/rotary)

2x  DC brush motor (with permanent magnets)

1x  asynchronous induction machine

Power stage

Double full H-bridge with MOSFET transistors  (RDSon < 0.02Ohm, efficiency > 95% ),  supporting:

  • Cycle-by-cycle (chopper) current control, DTC current control independent of voltage polarity, accurate decay mode control
  • Voltage mode with PWM, SVPWM
  • Voltage and current control combination
  • precission current and voltage sensing on all phases

Supply voltage

Nominal operating range 12 – 48 V DC (optionally up to 100V)

Quiescent current

Max. 50 mA

Rated current

Nominal current of 7 A, optionally up to 50 A

Rated power

Up to 2000 W

Motor sensors


  • incremental encoder, absolute encoder (SSI), hall senor input, analog resolver input

Control algorithms

Embedded 32-bit DSP supports

  • Constant voltage control according to the reference
  • Constant current control according to the reference
  • Reference waveform generator according to the type of engine (eg. Microstepping)
  • BLDC (PMSM) without sensors / with Hall sensors
  • PID and state feedback for dynamic control of position / speed / torque
  • Vector control for stepper motors (torque control, auto power / feedback)
  • Vector control FOC with the estimation of the rotor position without the use of external sensors
  • Vector control FOC direct rotor position sensor (IRC / Hall probe) - servomotor


  • Firmware upgrade and parametrizing via RS232 / USB cable by the customer
  • Programming user sequences for control of the target machine


  • 3x  galvanically isolated input (with levels of 5V/24V)
  • 2x  output (with levels of 5V/24V)
  • Extension module connector

Extension modules


  • RS-232, RS-485, USB
  • Fieldbus connection (profibus, CANOpen, Ethernet, …)


  • Up to 8x additional analog I/O
  • Up to 32x additional digital I/O

Approximate dimensions

  • Device as a PCB-only approx. 47 x 63 mm
  • Device in stainless steel housing approx. 55 x 75 x 23 mm
  • Device in stainless steel housing, including DIN rail mount approx. 55 x 75 x 30 mm


If you are interested, please contact us. We will offer to you a specific solution for your needs. We can also offer a custom branding, enclosure design, or even development of a custom controller if your needs are outside of these specifications.