MSO Max Speed Off

We deisgned exclusive product intended for modifying or removing the speed limiter of the electric assisted bycicles with centerdrives Bosch Active, Bosch  Performance, CX5 or  Yamaha  Syncdrive.


We are the first in the market, who managed to remove the speed restrictions completely, without any side effects, such as halving the speed displayed or only shifting the limit to 50 km / h or incorrect display of the mileage. Your bike after installing will behave exactly as before, the only difference is that you, not your bike, will determine how fast you drive. It was not found that the product could somehow undermine guarantees or its use was detectable by the manufacturer of these electric bikes. The product is in serial production since November 2014. We keep all the documents needed for legal sale in the European Union. Use of the product in accordance with applicable legislation of the state is the responsibility of the end user. In the Czech Republic and on the Internet, we have a network of dealers. If you are interested in this product, please contact us by e-mail, we will send you a recommendation of your nearest dealer.